Our extensive VIP package

You will board the beautiful 27 meter long passenger ship “Koningin Emma”, which is powered by a 600 hp engine, capable of reaching an average speed of 11 knots. The boat is fully equipped for entertaining parties and can accommodate 80 people. From the boat you have a beautiful view over the water.

In the cosy cabin you will find a cold buffet, consisting of various kinds of fish, various kinds of meat, fresh salads, French and Dutch cheeses, freshly baked baguettes with tapenade, butter and herb butter. The warm buffet offers a range of dishes for you to choose three dishes from, for example: poached salmon fillet with dill cream sauce, stewed meat, satay with peanut sauce, grilled chicken drumsticks. Various fruits and bavarois form a delightful desert. (*)

We can sail along the North Sea coast in the direction of Zandvoort or Den Helder. It is a special experience to see the skyline of the Dutch coast from the water! In case the waves are a bit too high, we will turn the stem and sail towards the lock complex, to continue the trip by sailing up the Noordzeekanaal (North Sea Canal) towards Amsterdam. Your party can be enjoyed indoors or outside. If you want to have a break from the party buzz, you can go outside and enjoy the sun deck. At the end of the tour , you will be offered an “oorlam” (special Dutch nautical drink) on behalf of the captain.

This package is perfectly suited for a morning or afternoon trip, combined with a lunch or soup, or coffee/tea and cake.

(*) This is an example. Food and drinks are not included in the price. Please visit the page Catering for information about our catering options.

Information about this package

The package “Alle hens aan dek” (All hands on deck) has a duration of 5 hours, of which about 4.5 hours will be sailed. The package price for the boat including crew is €1686,- incl. VAT.