More than fun trips

You can not only go to the IJmuidense Rondvaart for fun outings, but also for water taxi services, ferry services and contract sailing in the IJmuiden region.

From April to October, we sail four times a day between IJmuiden and Velsen-Noord, with a stopover on Fort Island on the first Sunday of the month. In addition, we have been providing ash scattering in the North Sea since 1997. The thought of staying forever in the waves makes the sea a special final resting place.

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After a short crossing with our boat, cyclists and walkers can continue the coastal route without detour via locks or car ferry. The price is only €4,- including free return.


We provide ash scattering in the North Sea from the port of IJmuiden. You can contact us 7 days a week for an ashes scattering with or without ceremony, or a collective scattering of ashes.