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Study: sea air helps preventing cancer

Inhaling sea air helps to fight cancer and lower blood cholesterol levels. This is the conclusion of research by Gent University and the Flemish Institute for the Sea.

Researchers point out the beneficial effects of what they call sea spray: sea water that is sprayed by waves. This spray contains substances made by algae and bacteria that are good for your health. “When you breathe in sea air, you absorb these substances into your body,” says the university.

The laboratory looked at the effect on lung cancer cells. It showed that sea air inhibits the action of a gene that plays an important role in lung cancer and cholesterol levels.

“Previous studies showed that lung cancer cells die off and cholesterol drops when we inhibit this gene,” says researcher Jana Asselman. “New potential cancer therapies and the latest generation of cholesterol inhibitors affect the same gene. Now that we know that sea air also inhibits the action of this gene, we can expect sea air to have a similar positive effect on health.

The research has been published in the scientific journal Scientific Reports. The scientists will now try to find out which substances in the sea air cause these effects.

Source: De Telegraaf

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